Saturday, July 27, 2013

China Glaze Chasing The Sun Ombre Kit

     Hey y'all, hope everyone had a great week!  Today I am showing y'all a *perfect* summer mani :)  This is an ombre I did with the China Glaze Chasing The Sun Ombre Kit, from Sally's.  I LOVE this kits because even if you don't like ombre, (which I had never been able to get right before these kits) you are still getting discounted polish! It's a win-win for me because now I love doing ombres too.  Also, since these are neon colors they dry matte & super fast, like by the time i did all 5 fingers the first finger was dry.  This kit also came with CG White on White but I just used it as my base since it tends to help neons pop a bit more and I wanted just neons in my ombre.

Picture of the Kit

     From top to bottom on the nail is Sun Worshiper (neon fluorescent orange), Pool Party (neon hot pink) & Flying Dragon (neon purple shimmer), with a coat of CG Fairy Dust (my go to simple glitter) and top coated with INM Out the Door.

     This was my first time using this topcoat and it worked pretty well, maybe dried to the touch slightly faster than my normal Sally Hansen InstaDri but not much and I ended up messing one nail up because it was dry to the touch but still mushy underneath.  *UPDATE* However, I've had 3 chips in 24 hours using this top coat, not sure if that's common but it has been my experience*



 Indoor With Flash

 Outdoor Shade With Flash

 L-R: Sunlight, Shade

 L-R: Indoor With Flash, Outdoor Shade with Flash

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