Thursday, March 7, 2013

Zoya Mimi 50th Birthday Nails

Today I have a mani from my Mama's 50th birthday yesterday:)

So here is the motivation for this mani... The color is Zoya Mimi, Mimi is my son's name for my Mama (although we say it more than him at this age) which is actually why I bought this polish.  The design is actually an "L" which is the roman numeral for 50.  There are also 5 little polka dots on each nail for each decade she's been alive and the black and white is representing "Over the Hill".  I love how well this represents her, simple but still gets your attention and has a beautiful glow.  Happy Birthday Mama!

Warning: these are not good swatches, the first was taken right after painting my nails but the pictures came out blurry.  the second pictures came out better but i had broken my index finger and my cuticles are a bit rough.

I LOVE Mimi, this color is so amazing! It's a gorgeous purple by itself and then it flashes pink or flashes gold.  It is one of those lovely glass fleck shimmers I love so much.  The Silver Aluminum was a bit thick but that's to be expected considering it's a pretty old polish that I need to thin.  I taped this off but also could have free handed it, I just didn't have the time to start over if I messed up. The Gentlemen! was wonderful also, went on like a dream, no fishing for stars, nice formula and coverage.

This is 2 coats Zoya Mimi, the designs are Maybelline Express Finish Silver Aluminum, the accent is two coats Well Nails The Gentlemen! and all are topped off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

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