Monday, October 22, 2012

Lemming polish

Three years ago when i was having my nails done every few weeks at a salon, my nail guy picked a polish for me and i fell in love but forgot to go back and find it.
Every time i have shopped for polish since then, i look for something similar. No such luck online or in store. Too red, too purple, too black, right color but not enough shimmer/fleck, right shimmer wrong color. It has been incredibly disappointing. Until this weekend.
For reference, here is the one shot i have where you can see the original color, If anyone thinks the have a better dupe please let me know!

I ran in sallys 10 minutes before they closed while my husband and son circled the parking lot. I glanced over the China glaze display, looked at clearance, then checked out the finger paints rack. I find something i like, ask salesgirl for something to test it on and she doesn't have anything. She is nice enough to test it on her own finger for me and its my color! If not the same brand its a close dupe of whatever it was. Working off memory and the one badly lit picture i have where you can see my nails, the original may have had slightly more silver shimmer/glass fleck and the particles were larger. That gave it more of a brown tint than a red tint but its close enough to make me happy! 
close up

So long story long, here it is. Finger paints sketch-y. Gorgeous plum-wine color with red and purple shimmer/glass fleck that flashes brown, red, purple, bronze, and wine. Sparkles in the sun and gorgeous grown up shade in regular lighting. Formula was great, two coats for full coverage. Shiny finish on it own but i prefer a top coat for depth and protection. Im absolutely in love with this color. And utterly excited i finally found it :)
brown flash

Base coat, 2 coats sketch-y, one coat instadry clearly quick.
purple flash

Frankenstein mani coming up later this week!

***EDIT: I found a better picture of the color in question! This is actually not very close to it, but I believe I have found the actual polish! ***

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Contact me if you'd like to purchase one, and Thanks for looking :)

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