Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Gradient

Who else super excited about fall weather & Halloween?! It's hit the mid 60s-mid 70s for the majority of days now and it feels so good to walk outside and not be drenched in 5 minutes. It also means fall and Halloween manis :)

Indoor with Flash, Wrapped With Mummy Cloth

Today I did a fall colored gradient from purple to orange.  If you read regularly you know I'm obsessed with gradients :) I really love how this one turned out, especially because it was inspired by a post on Pinterest that I later found out was not painted, but a Incoco nail strip called After Dark from their 2013 Fright Night Collection. Here is my inspiration picture of the Incoco Nail Strips, from the blog Obssesive Compulsive Hoarders Unite:
Obssesive Compulsive Hoarders Unite

I'm also continuing my test of the Seche Ultra V Topcoat vs. Seche Vite. I made sure to wrap my tips really well with both topcoats. It again took one extra coat on the Seche Ultra V than the Seche Vite did but that may be used error as well. Last week my swatch hand definitely held up better during the 6 days I wore it.  No lifting or tip wear and had much more shine, however the lifting and tip wear may be attributed to shrinkage from my poorly wrapped tips on my Cindy hand. Hopefully after this week I'll have a more definitive comparison :)

Colors Used:
Tan Base- Julep Pippa
Purple- Urban Decay Vice
Dark Orange- Julie G Sugar Rush
Light Orange  - Julie G Tangerine Dream

Basic Info
Coats- One thin base coat of nude, sponged on gradient
Color- Tan, Orange, Purple
Formula- Great on all colors
Basecoat- Orly Bonder
Topcoat- Seche Vite/Seche Ultra V

LEFT: Outdoor, Shade with Flash RIGHT:Outdoor, Shade no Flash

Outdoor, Shade with Flash

Outdoor, Shade with Flash

Outdoor, Shade no Flash
Outdoor, Shade no Flash
BOTH: Indoor, with Flash

Indoor, with Flash

LEFT: Indoor Close Up, with Flash; RIGHT: Outdoor Close Up, with Flash

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