Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zoya Aurora

Today's mani is Zoya Aurora, and I'm also trying out a new treatment/basecoat.  My nail have been ridiculously soft and I keep breaking the corners.  I hate it because when I was pregnant and for a few months after, my nails were like rocks.  You seriously couldn't bend them if you tried (I tried).  I was between Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel and Nail-Aid Almost Gel 3 Minute Artificials.  What I'm basically looking for is a gel or acrylic base I can polish on top of, to strengthen my nails.  I've also started taking Biotin and did my first olive oil soak tonight. Per directions, I applied 2 coats of the 3 Minute Artificials (should be one if using color), 2 coats Aurora, and one coat 3 Minute Artificials as a top coat.



Aurora was a bit thin but no issues, two coats was fully opaque. This is a gorgeous bright purple polish, with tons of scattered holo in it. This is an amazing polish in the sun or the shade.  I love it just as much as I thought I would, I think it would be hard for anyone to not like this polish

The 3 Minute Artificials left a nice thick glaze, but not too chunky. It dries like crazy slow though, dry to the touch but still impressionable.  My nails do feel slightly stronger now, not like I imagine gel nails would and certainly not like acrylic overlay would but a definite improvement!  I love how shiny and thick this stuff is, and I really like that my nails feel stronger, although its weird that it didn't seem to work on my left hand, but worked great on my right hand.

Left: Sunlight , Right, Shade

 Sunlight, Bottle Shot, Macro

  Shade, Bottle Shot, Macro


Here are two Orly's I picked up at Sally's today.  The were 4.49, BOGO.
Left: Monster Mash, Right: Right Amount of Evil

 Left: Monster Mash, Right: Right Amount of Evil

I also picked up China Glaze Liquid Leather because I needed a good black, and Gelous Topcoat.

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  1. Zoya Aurora is so pretty! I need to order it ASAP!

    1. i completely agree, everyone needs this one!


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