Monday, January 28, 2013

Polish Removal Method

I want to share today, the method I use for removing nail polish.  I take no claim to this trick, I read it on another blog, GingerBreadManne.  I made a picture to show the steps but it's pretty easy to follow :)

-The first thing I do is unroll my cotton ball into a flat piece.

-Next, I split it into two strips

-Then I take the strip, and tear it into inch-ish size pieces.

-Take the cap to your remover and pour the remover in it.

-Slightly dip a piece of your cotton ball into it. Don't dunk or it will drip all over you.
Just a little bit will travel up the cotton

-Place it on your nail, making sure to fully cover it. Continue with all nails.

-Let the cotton sit 3-5 minutes.  If there's no glitter, try 1-3 minutes.

-Apply pressure at your cuticle and pull the cotton down towards the tip.

-This will remove the majority of polish. As you can see in the picture I had some glitter left over.  A quick swipe with a new cotton piece got that off with little effort.

-As you can see I usually have cotton left over. So that's less than one cotton ball for all 10 fingers.

I usually use acetone polish remover, from walmart/target/dollar general.  I try to only use pure acetone for cleanup or stubborn polishes to keep from drying my skin out.  I've also noticed with remover, the glitter seems to stick to the cotton.  With acetone it seems to end up every where else.

For comparison, the cotton on the left was with remover, and the right was with acetone.  See all the glitter on the left? The glitter from the cotton on the right was all over my shirt and table, but barely on the cotton.

*If you are wearing a full glitterbomb, multiple layers or glitter, glitter with no base, or particularly stubborn glitters, you may want to add a small piece of tin foil, wrapped around your tips to accelerate the process*

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