Tuesday, November 6, 2012

purple polka dots

Hi y'all!
This week is purple polka dots :) This is a color i got from Ulta a while back but haven't worn yet. Its called Femme Fatale. Its a shimmery dark red based purple. I used two coats for full coverage. The tan dots are Wet 'N Wild Megalast Wet Cement and the silvery off white ones are Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff in Rhinestone Frost (vintage polish).

I noticed less smudging withy new Sally Hansen Insta-dri Topcoat, but i also noticed my nails chipping very quickly (like one day quick) so this time i used one coat of through Insta-dri Topcoat then one coat of the Sally Hansen Instadry Clearly Quick polish. I'll let y'all know if this combo works better.

Just for fun, here is a stash picture :) just polish, tools etc are in another bag. Last count i'm at 84. I also got a new polish this weekend from target, N.Y.C. Matte Me Crazy Topcoat. I haven't tried it on a full mani yet, just a nail wheel but i like it!

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 ***  Edited to add: the day i took this polish off i realized why i loved this color combination so much. Because i made a necklace back in march (before i even had the purple or tan polishes) that matches this mani perfectly and forgot to wear them together :( guess I'll just have to wear this again soon :) here's a link to the necklace on my jewelry page, fifth picture :)

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