Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Polka Dots

Merry Christmas (Again) Y'all :)
This is what I had on my nails Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I was really rough with my chevron mani and had a little tip wear (very little actually) and a few places were lifting up.  when I took it off, that mess was like cement! it took quite a few layers off my ring and pinky fingers :( 

This mani is made with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, in Haute and Naughty with polka dots in China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Sally Hansen Instadry Spring Green, and China Glaze White on White, with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top.  

I was not a fan of the strips, although this is my 3rd day of wear and i have no chips, lift or tip wear.  however when I applied them they looked as if i had immediate tip wear because i couldn't get the strips to wrap on my tips.  I also couldn't find a perfect size match on some of my nails so there is a naked strip on the side of those nails, and they didn't fit up to my cuticles so it looks as though my polish has grown out.  I did however like the ease of applying these and no dry time since this was a 2am rush mani.  I also really loved the color and the lack of wear after 3 days of opening presents and building baby toys.  I would be willing to try these again as i think maybe it's something i would like better after some practice.  These were part of a giveaway package I won from Radiant Brown Beauty

**update- i am now on my 5th day of wearing these and im bored so im taking it off. i have 0 wear. no more tip wear than when i applied them  and no chips!  on the other hand, I had a horrible time removing them! i used my usual method that works great even for glitter bombs, and it just made them gummy. when i finally got the color off there was a glue type residue left.  I didn't get it all off until i removed polish 3-4 times and filed my nails**

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